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Actief in NL sinds
Belangrijkste NL Referenties
European Sustainable Technology Group (ESTG)
Collicare - 3PL
Belangrijkste Referenties Europa
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Apothek Hjärtat
Aantal klanten in Nederland
Aantal klanten in Europa
Aantal actieve operaties die worden aangestuurd in NL
< 5
Aantal operaties in Europa
100 - 500

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Our DNA: Trust, care, Innovation
We earn trust in every relationships by consistently being accountable, honest and transparent.
“We deliver on our promises”

We ask WHY with an unending desire to learn and improve.
We challenge ourselves, and together with our clients we innovate and build world class solutions.
“We create growth and innovation through curiosity”

We care deeply about each other and our customers.
We enable success through teamwork.
"We help each other to succeed"

Mission & Vision
We continue to deliver world-class services to leading 3PLs and retailers across Europe
Create user-friendly, market-leading software enabling our 3PL, wholesale and retail customers
Develope premium functionality, easy UI software for end users

We want to be the nr 1 natural choice for 3PL WMS in Europe and our USP's are:
+ Platform/hardware independent SaaS solution
+ Highly configurable in settings and configuration
+ Fast on-boarding times new clients and new employees
+ Customers profit from a safe, quick go-live thanks to agile, rich and smart functionality in our standard
+ We work agile, with new sprintss every 3rd week
+ Flexible: We quickly adapt to your fast-changing reality
+ Simple & effective integration platform including data extraction
+ Strategic partnership with customers to build roadmap

Visie op marktontwikkelingen

What is your vision on developments in market and technology? What does that mean for your WMS?

NYCE.LOGIC is the Best-of-Breed WMS system. NYCE.LOGIC has been re-built a couple of years ago and is based on the latest technology standards. Our WMS is highly configurable in configurations and settings. Technology and ability to quickly adapt to the new reality of 3PLs and retailers are crucial success factors for our customers to succeed.

What does it mean for our WMS: we deliver
+ A purpose-built, platform/hardware independent Saas solution
+ Scalable solution enabling adaptability - easy to scale up and down
+ Real-time updates of warehouse operations
+ Innovative automation functionality enabling future growth
+ Future-proof solution thanks to constant innovation and development
+ Best-of-breed solution

Our Roadmap provides new functionality to our customers. We work agile, based on 3-weeks sprints cycles. Examples of technology we offer:
- Single client / all functionality on all devices
- Platform independent
- Responsive design that scales after device
- Easy deployment
- Dynamic rest-API's
- Easy to customize with “workflows” outside the product core

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