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Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System
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Starware's main goal is to provide its employees with the best working environment and work/life balance. That's why hardly anyone has left the company for 15 years. Some employees have already celebrated their 25th anniversary this year.

That is why our employees always give the best version of themselves in the projects they lead and are determined to deliver a successful project.

We do it for the long term. If we do everything right we will work together for a long time to come. That is why a 'click' between the parties is essential. Our philosophy is to keep the team, which has been there since the first project, intact and available to our customers. That way you always work with the same people with whom you have built a relationship.

We like to respond to two important distinguishing points that we see in Blue Yonder WMS compared to other solutions in the market:

1. Intuitive and self-supporting configuration of standard functionality: BY WMS is popular with 3PL customers because they are always changing configurations to meet new customer requirements. This self-supporting nature also favors Natec, as you can deploy a WMS against today's requirements today, but you also want to be ready to respond quickly to new business requirements in the future, without being tied to the software vendor. You want to be in control of yourself. BY WMS offers you this valuable opportunity.

2. Extensibility: Blue Yonder has a unique approach where we enable customers and implementation partners to develop additional logic against the standard solution to accommodate requirements that may not be fully supported by the standard solution. A customer-owned layer exists around the core solution from which customers can deploy locally developed components without risking losing a future upgrade path, as only the core solution is upgraded during an upgrade and the customer tier remains unaffected.

Visie op marktontwikkelingen

A combination of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the continued change in consumer buying behaviour has resulted in increased service level expectations and omnichannel fulfilment models.

In addition, workforce challenges regarding the availability of labour (Brexit, aging workforce, flexible working, personal career preferences) have led to an increase in the adoption of robotics and automation solutions, allowing human and physical resources to be deployed and balanced to optimise fulfilment efficiency and service level expectations.

Blue Yonder’s vision of the Autonomous Supply Chain will leverage solutions such as WMS, alongside micro-services such as Luminate Robotics Hub, Luminate Warehouse Tasking, and Luminate Warehouse Execution Systems, incorporating Blue Yonder’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, to ensure new technology and capabilities can be consumed via the Blue Yonder Microsoft Azure Platform alongside our Market Leading Supply Chain Execution solutions.

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